How The Terrorists Holding Train Passengers outsmarted The Government


By Audu Bulama Bukarti

First, the gang leader demanded the release of his pregnant wife who’s in jail. The govt took her to a hospital, where she birthed twins at taxpayers’ expense and all three were freed. He refused to free his victims, but demanded the release of 6 or 7 members’ children from prison.

Not only did the govt release them from jail, it sent a plane to fly them from Adamawa, where they’re detained, and delivered them to the terrorists. Again, they refused to release the victims. Instead, they asked for money! This is the worst negotiation I’ve heard of in my life.

You had their wife and 10 children and you gave up all without taking yours? You’re not dealing with a trustworthy partner, so cash-and-carry should be no brainer. But the Buhari admin thought they could trust terrorists, so they kept giving them before taking anything. Clueless!

In the end, the terrorists received 11 members through “negotiation”, freed 69 from Kuje by force & made over N1bn in ransom.

Yet, 31 passengers are still in captivity. Who knows how much more they’ll make?

And with all these resources, imagine how big their next attack could be.


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