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On 30/8/2022, some soldiers were escorting some residents from Gurbi to Shimfida, in jibia local government katsina state,but the bomb that was buried along the way exploded with the APC in which the soldiers were moving.

Reports indicate that some soldiers died in the explosion while others sustained various degrees of injury and were hospitalized in Katsina.

Two other soldiers are still missing, among them is an Army captain named ‘Musa Amadu’.according to another report.

Romours have been circulating regarding Musa’s whereabouts and whether he is alive or dead or is receiving treatment due to injuries sustained during the attacks.

Katsina City News media have confirmed from sources within the military and other security agencies that Captain Musa is alive and in the custody of the terrorists that planted the bomb, they captured him alive.

Our sources have confirmed that Musa has spoken with his relatives from the kidnappers’ den.

A source among his relatives disclosed to this medium that the terrorists have also placed a ransom which must be paid before when is released.

Who carried out the attack? Our investigation in the villages where the incident occurred revealed that the attack was carried out by a gang that came from Zamfara forest.

Eye witnesses said the attackers look more like Boko Haram fighters who were accompanied by Fulanis bandits.

They disclosed that the attackers warned the communities to mind their business and not to make any attempt to interfere with the operation, then they planted the bomb and timed it to explode with the military APC.

Most of the bandit and terrorist gangs that terrorize Katsina operate from Zamfara forests, the bandits find safety there under the guise of amnesty by the Zamfara state government.

We made several attempts to reach the Nigerian Army Spokesman but calls did not go through his line, we also sent him text messages but there was no reply from him up to the time of filing this report.

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