How Women Can Avoid Postpartum Depression – Expert


Women and nursing mothers have been advised to engage in physical and educational activities as a way to navigate through postpartum

A wellness expert and CEO, Trim and Prissy Cosmetics, Fatima Ali, said postpartum depression is gradually becoming common among nursing women and mothers.

Speaking at a wellness seminar in Abuja, Ali said the seminar “Brought women together to talk about positive things and wellbeing and how to even raise your kids as well as how to navigate through postpartum depression,”

According to her, “Most forms of postpartum depression is hormonal, while others are psychological especially if women are experiencing change in body structures

“As such, it is good to always exercise and engage in educational activities that will keep their brains mentally alive, which is why today, we had free BP checkups, which was complimentary by
Nisa hospital so they check your BP make sure you’re fine.”

Speaking further, she said there are plans to extend the wellness seminar to states as many women in the states need to be aware on how to navigate through postpartum to avoid depression.


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