PDP ‘ll tackle insecurity, poverty: Okowa


Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa and Vice-Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) says the party will tackle security challenges and poverty bedevilling the country if given the mandate in 2023.

Okowa stated this when he spoke with newsmen on Sunday in Abuja, after participating at the St. James Anglican Church 2022 Harvest with the theme “Harvest of Joyful Return” where he delivered a sermon.

“On our own part, the Atiku-Okowa ticket we have promised what we to do is our duty to try to bring Nigerians back again to believe, to know and act as one.

“It is time to tackle the issue of insecurity truly with all political will realising that is not the fact that we have to fight criminality but realising in the name of God that we have to bring people back to their lives.

“There is so much poverty, there is so much unemployment, definitely you must deal with all these before you cannot deal with insecurity in full.

“Yes, we can start off but we have to get people gainfully employed, we have to recreate hope for Nigerians that is what we stand for. The economy will definitely have to revive,” he said.

He urged Nigerians to continue to pray for the country.

“We believe it shall be well. Things will continue to happen, the challenges will continue to come but there is nothing God cannot do,” he said.

Okowas also said that a PDP-led administration would ensure the devolution of power.

“We have spoken about the devolution of power to the states because when every state is competing among itself and trying to do its best for its people all parts of this country will begin to grow together.

“While the federal government will continue to support the states but definitely they need resources to develop themselves, and the local government need more resources.

“We must give special attention to education, we must begin to manage our populations and provide health for the people.

“In doing all these we would have started the process of recreating our Nigeria, our Nigeria of our dreams,” he said.

Earlier in his sermon taking from Habakkuk 1:2 and 2:1, OKowa urged Nigerians to offer intercessory prayers for the nation, especially in its times of challenges.

“Get ready to pray and sow the seed of time on to God for yourself, for your family, for the nation, for the church and the Lord will answer you, even as he spoke to Habacub and the Lord answered.

“He thoughts, the vision here is for an appointed time that in the end, we shall speak and not lie,” he said. (NAN)(www.nannews.ng)


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