Katsina Police Kill 9-year-old boy, injured 3 including Two 10-year-old Boys


By Muhammad Ahamed Ali


Katsina Police raid Tudun Matawalle community in katsina, open fire, kill 9-year-old boy Muhammad Jawwad Yusuf who was coming back from islamiyya school.

Muhammad Jawad was shot dead on his way back from islamiyya school at a nearby DJ party in Tudun Matawalle neighborhood near Canada Field in Katsina city when the police raided the area where they were said to have come to arrest the Gang of Daba boys.

When the 9-year-old boy was passing by the road side, one of the policemen who was firing a gun hits him with live amunation at his spine (Spinal cord) as confirmed by a medical doctor.

After they shot him, they shot two ten-year-old children and a 20-year-old, which resulted in the removal of his finger.

Muhammad Jawad’s family and close friends immediately took him to the Katsina Teaching Hospital, where the doctors did their best, but unfortunately he died as a result of the unstoppable bleeding.

“How can we have Peace when we send our children to School, after they leave only their bodies are returned to us, we call on the Police and the Government to take action against the accused.” residence cries out

The Human Rights Protection Organizations and Journalist, should keep an eye on them and make sure that  do justice. From him to the children who were injured, because there was one who was shot in the neck, and one who was shot in the stomach that is currently admitted in hospital, and one whose finger was damaged and was removed by the medical team, all of them in Katsina town.


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