Police urge public to protect bank details against cyber fraud


The Police Special Fraud Unit (PSFU) has urged the public to protect their bank details, to prevent being victims of cybercrime.

The PSFU spokesperson, SP. Eyitayo Johnson, made the call while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Lagos.

He said that the unit had been raising awareness on the increasing rate of cyber fraud and how to prevent being victims.

“We always sensitise members of the public on the prevalence of this crime and how not to fall prey.

“To reduce cyber bank fraud, we advise the public never to divulge their bank details to anyone.

“Their pin numbers, Automated Teller Machine (ATM) pin, security pin, that is the three-digit number at the back of the ATM card, and other personal data.

“If they receive any call from anyone to clarify anything for them, they should not share or reveal any confidential information.

“And if they have any issue with a bank, they should go to the bank to resolve anything that needs to be resolved,” he said.

Johnson told NAN that the unit published cases of bank fraud already prosecuted in court, to deter others who want to engage in the crime.

According to him, the unit has a helpline, which the public can report to, to enable prompt investigation, arrest and persecution of criminals.

The spokesperson , however, said that the challenge the unit had in combating cyber crime was training.

“The culprits involved in this crime upgrade their skills on daily basis, they hack into people’s phones and laptops, to get confidential details and steal their money.

“The police will need software or tools to track and catch these criminals.

“The unit needs resources to continue to train and retrain its personnel, locally and internationally to enable them match up with the sophistication of the perpetrators.

“We have been reactive for a long time but we need to be proactive to catch the criminals even before they commit or while committing the crime, not after the crime has been committed.

“Although the Police is doing all it can to ensure that the personnel are trained but we need more training on cyber security.


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