No single government can solve Nigeria’s problems, says Buhari


*Nigeria needs technology to ensure security, says Arase

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that no single government can solve the mirage of problems confronting Nigeria, noting that it will take the combined efforts of successive governments to achieve.

Mr President, who was represented by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Boss Mustapha, spoke yesterday at the State of the Nation Dialogue with a theme, Security, Economy and Administration of Justice, organized by the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA).

Mr President reminded lawyers that they have a responsibility towards the smooth running of the country.

“This is the direction to go. I want to thank you for restoring the hope of Nigerians. I want to believe the Bar would provide the necessary leadership. I hope that in the course of the discussion, we would be able to bring out a playbook that would provide the guided processes for the incoming regime.

“I will say that no one government in this country would be able to solve the problems of Nigeria. But as we build on the precedent set by successive governments, not discarding completely what has been put in place, we would in the course of our desire to build a Nigeria of our dreams, be able to pick one or two things on which we can concentrate and move.

“As a government, the outcome of this dialogue can be transmitted to us so that whatever resolutions are reached will become part of the documents that we will prepare as we transit and hand over to an incoming government.”

Also speaking at the forum was the Kebbi State Governor, Atiku Bagudu, who believed that fixing primary education in the country is one sure way of addressing security challenges in the country.

The President, of NBA, Yakubu Maikyau (SAN) in his remarks, expressed the need to continuously engage government at all levels in order to generate discussions that will provide Nigerians with sufficient information to guide them in making their choice of persons to occupy elective offices in the upcoming general elections.

According to him, Nigerians must be satisfied with the practical solutions being proposed by those seeking elective offices with regard to current security, economic and political challenges confronting the country.

He added that inconsistent with their duty to the people, they cannot allow the nation to be misled.

“As professionals privileged to have been formally instructed on the subject of Law, which is the instrument by which justice is dispensed to the people, we are naturally called to provide leadership. It is by justice that a people exist and as ministers in the temple of justice, our primary call is to serve the cause of justice.

Citing Uthman Danfodio, Maikyau held that a people can exist without religion but they cannot exist without justice.

“That is to say that the existence of a people is directly connected with the presence or otherwise of justice, and if our primary call as members of the legal profession, serving on the Bench or at the Bar, is to serve justice, it then follows that our responsibility is intricately connected with the existence of our nation Nigeria.

“Righteousness exalts a nation, sin, one of which is injustice, is a reproach to any people! It is this leadership that we owe Nigerians”, he said.

The newly appointed Chairman of, the Police Service Commission, Solomon Arase, in his remarks, called for the deployment of technology to tackle insecurity.

He added that although increasing the number of security personnel is good, deploying technology is crucial as it is done in advanced countries of the world.


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