Atiku chosen as ‘political doctor that will heal Nigeria’ by Christian group


United Christian Leaders Eagle Eye Forum has endorsed the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, for the February 25 election.

According to the National coordinator of the group, Aminchi Habu, the Christian leaders believe in Atiku’s ability to make the right choice and decisions that will catapult and ensure a brighter, colourful and better future for nigerians.

Speaking on behalf of the Christian leaders, Habu, a pastor, said: “Your Excellency, our president in waiting, we as a forum and religious fathers are pleading with you as the great democracy defender of Africa, we see you as the political pilot that will fly Nigeria to its promise land.

“We see you as the political architect that will redesign and take Nigeria to a glorious future and political doctor of our nation who have the prescribed drugs that will heal Nigeria of all it security and societal hill.”

The religious leaders urged Atiku and the PDP to prove to Christian leaders and Nigerians at large that the support and trust bestowed on him is the right choice.

“We all will look back one day to February 25th 2023, smiling, knowing that we made the right and best decision for this nation by voting the PDP,” Habu added.

Responding to the endorsement of the Christian group, Dele Momodu, the director of strategic communication of the PDP presidential campaign council, said the decision of the group to back Atiku was the best decision they have made for Nigerians and themselves.

Momodu added; “Alhaji Atiku is the most experienced, detribalized candidate. Christ is one. We are extremely grateful for this endorsement and support. We cannot shy away from enthroning good government.

“What we need the most are your prayers and I assure you that Atiku will win the 2023 elections.”


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