Naira scarcity: Some voters lament inability to travel to their states


A cross-section of eligible voters in some areas of Abuja in the FCT on Saturday expressed regrets at their act of registering to vote in their home states.

This group of Nigerians, made up of water vendors and security guards, said they found their actions to be regrettable with the biting scarcity of Naira notes.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that these water vendors and security guards said it deprived them of travelling to their states to cast their votes.

Malam Mohammed Abubakar, a security guard in the Jikwoyi area, complained bitterly that he regretted registering in Jigawa, which is several hundred kilometres away from the FCT.

“This Naira note scarcity has really dealt with me. All my plans just failed. I usually travelled to my village in Jigawa to cast my vote, but this year it did not work out for me.

“Due to this scarcity of Naira note, I could not travel. I even went to our motor pack in Nyanya to see if some travellers or drivers will listen to my plight and help me. But they refused.

“I have my Permanent Voter Card (PVC) with me, but I cannot use it. I feel very bad seeing people casting their vote and I am not among them,” he said.

Mr Adamu Ahmed, a water vendor and scavenger in Jikwoyi also, described as terrible and worst his experience in the 2023 elections.

Ahmed said his brother who lived in the Maitama area had promised to give him and his two brothers some money to travel to Adamawa to cast their votes.

“I called my brother who is also a Senator, on Monday to remind him of the promise, but he told me we should be patient till Wednesday. Meanwhile, he had made the promise since 2022 and we have always called to remind him.

“Early in the morning of that Wednesday his call woke me up around 3 a.m., and he said he did not have money to give us because of this Naira note scarcity. I felt highly disappointed,” he said.

A resident of Angwar Gede, Mr Isah Idris who is also a water vendor, said he was to travel earlier to Yobe before Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) commenced the implementation of the new Naira note policy.

“I could not make it because I was waiting for my customers to remit my money to me and that led to my staying behind because I can not travel there without money.

“Also, my truck that I am using to distribute water to my customers broke down, and that affected my daily income.

“I have three wives and 15 children in Yobe. I cannot travel without buying some relevant items my family will need. I also want to make sure I have enough money with me.

“Scarcity of the Naira note has really caused people a lot. This is the first time I did not vote. I always have my PVC. But this is not a good experience, it’s quite unfortunate,” he said.

Most of those who spoke with NAN went on to call on the Federal Government to consider the plight of millions of Nigeria and ensure the release of more new Naira notes for circulation in the country.


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