Tinubu’s Inauguration: Kannywood Jittery Over Exclusion


By Al-Amin Ciroma

The giant entertainment industry in northern Nigeria, Kannywood is frazzled over calculated exclusion of its members from the assemblage of the President-elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu transition committee.

The stakeholders and practitioners of the entertainment industry in the north express their dismay, and roundly criticize the selection for favoring members of Nollywood against the northern members, especially the notable A-list celebrities of Kannywood like Mansura Isah, Ali Nuhu, Abdul Amart, Jamila Nagudu and others, who from inception put up their best in the campaign train to the victory of All Progressives Congress, APC in Nigeria.

Reports say that most of these known celebrities of the Hausa movie industry have engaged in grassroots campaigns of Tinubu candidacy even before convention. “Celebrities like Mansura Isah have already written their names in golden pen campaigning for ‘Jagaban’ even since before his formal declaration as the flag bearer of APC.

“Please can someone please help us to ask the Asiwaju Transition Committee why it was formed without any single Kannywood celebrity on the list? Most of the Nollywood celebs that were included in the list have not even show their faces during the campaign activities and elections,” says the report.

The Kannywood entertainers are jittery if it is true that some persons were drafted into the selection committee in order to sideline its members.


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