BREAKING: Heavily Armed Policemen Fire Shots At RevolutionNow Protesters


Heavily armed policemen are firing shots and tear gas at RevolutionNow protesters who converged on the National Stadium in Lagos.

Protesters and passers-by are running for safety.

Four Most Intelligent Animal In The World

By Abdurrahaman Aliyu katsina

All of us know that humans are the most intelligent creation of God. We have the ability to feel, to think, and do anything and everything. Animals are also intelligent, and though their brains cannot be compared with that of ours, the fact also cannot be denied that they indeed are capable of doing many things in a perfect way. Now, there are many smart animals but some are more intelligent than the others and the list given below helps you learn about the 10 most intelligent animals that exist.

1. Chimpanzees

Also known as chimps or apes, these animals, native to sub-Saharan Africa are very smart. Chimpanzees resemble humans not only as far as their looks are concerned but also they can think like us humans to a good extent. Next to humans, they are the most intelligent creations of God. They communicate within their group in an amazing way. They can also use tools that they find in the forest to search for food or to find their community. If the chimpanzees are properly trained they may even learn human language.

2. Parrots

Also known as psittacines, parrots are native to subtropical and tropical regions. You must have seen parrots repeating words and talking, and this clearly shows how intelligent they are. They can learn easily almost whatever their master teaches or regularly says in front of them. Parrots like eating seeds, buds, fruits, and nuts, and they can solve various complex problems.

3. Rats

The ability to think about thinking is known as metacognition, and some years ago scientists found out that rats, just like humans, have the ability to make decisions on the basis of what they do not or do know. Also, studies have proved that rats are ticklish, self-aware, and even dream like us humans. Pet rats are very social and share strong bonds with their humans. They can learn their names and come when asked. They even beg to come out of their cage when they want to play with their owners.

4. Crows

The brain size of a crow is nearly the size of a human thumb which is quite big keeping in mind its body size. This helps them solve complex problems and also they have a good memory. According to scientists, crows have the ability to remember and recognize individual human faces. Different parts of a crow’s brain start lighting up when they see a person and figure out if they are threatening or friendly. So, the next time you even think of hurting a crow, remember that they are not likely to forget and forgive.
Aliyu is a special reporter with The links news

Water scarcity hits three Nasarawa councils

The scarcity, according to the General Manager of Nasarawa State Water Board, Engineer Umar Abdullahi Agbo, was caused by flood that washed away pipes carrying water from Mada Water Works to the three affected local governments. 

“I have taken my team of engineers and assessed the damaged done to the water work supply system at Unguwan Madugu that supply water from Akwanga, Kokona and Keffi local government areas. 

“After the assessment, we found out that fifteen pipes have been washed away by the flood which has led to the stoppage of supply of pipe borne water from the water treatment plant to the affected local government areas,” Engr Agbo said. He added that he had briefed the state governor, Abdullahi Sule, about the damage, noting that the governor pledged his support to replace the pipes quickly, “to restore water supply to the affected communities.” Engineer Agbo however, appealed to the affected people to be patient as the repairs would soon be carried out to restore water supply to the residents of the areas. 

Miyetti Allah urges Bauchi govt to provide grazing reserves, earth dams to herders


The Bauchi State chapter of the Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore Fulani Socio-Cultural Association has appealed to the state government to provide additional earth dams and expand grazing reserves in the state. The state chairman of the association, Alhaji Muhammadu Hussaini, made the appeal while speaking to journalists in Bauchi. 

He said that providing additional earth dams and expansion of grazing reserve areas will curtail the clashes between farmers and Fulani herders and reduce their movement from one place to another in search of water and grazing. 

Hussaini lamented that cattle routes in the state had been taken over by roads and houses built by government and individuals which put Fulani herders in a difficult position. The state chairman also asked the state government to provide them with subsidized cotton seed for their cows. He identified shortage of teachers in Fulani nomadic schools as one of their major problem and advised government to employ more teachers and ensure that they attend the schools regularly. He commended the state governor, Senator Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir, for pledging to implement the recently introduced Ruga programme by the federal government. 

Dog Visited A Bus Stop 5000 Times Searching For His Master


The connection between animals and humans is earthly as well as divine. Animals have been mentioned in the Quran, Gospel and the Bible. They have been included in famous anecdotes telling tales of war and destruction. Animals have made their way into folklore and traditions so much so that we have a whole genre of stories dedicated to animals- fables. Aesop’s Fables are popular all over the world and we have grown up hearing them.

Fido made it to our list because of the extreme loyalty that he showed to his master during the years of the war. He is not the only dog to have done so- yet his story is one of the most touching ones. Many pets fled their homes and families during the tragic years of the World War II.

Trump announces deal to expand US beef exports in the EU — and jokes about Mercedes, BMW tariffs

  • President Donald Trump signs a deal to boost U.S. beef exports to the European Union. 
  • The agreement comes as Trump tries to help an American agriculture industry hurt by his trade war with China.

President Donald Trump announced an agreement Friday to boost beef exports to the European Union.

Surrounded by trade officials and beef industry representatives at the White House, Trump signed a deal to “lower trade barriers in Europe and expand market access for American farmers and ranchers.” Over the course of the agreement, annual duty-free U.S. beef exports to the EU are expected to nearly triple to $420 million from $150 million, according to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative.

“This is a tremendous victory for American farmers, ranchers and of course, European consumers,” the president said at the White House as he unveiled the deal.

The agreement comes as the agriculture industry has taken a hit from Trump’s ongoing trade war with China. The president has tried to limit the economic and political damage from the conflict ahead of the 2020 election. His administration recently announced details of a $16 billion aid package for farmers affected by the trade conflict.

On Thursday, he threatened to put 10% tariffs on $300 billion of Chinese goods in September — a move that would raise prices on many consumer products.

Through the beef agreement, Trump in part aims to de-escalate trade tensions with the European Union. Earlier this year, the administration delayed a decision on slapping duties on European cars and auto parts.

He put a momentary scare into European officials at the White House on Friday when he brought up car tariffs unprompted.

“We’re working on a deal where the European Union will agree to pay a 25% tariff on all Mercedes-Benzes, BMWs coming into our nation, so we appreciate that,” the president said.

“I’m only kidding,” he continued, sparking laughter in the room. “They started to get a little bit worried. Thank you. Congratulations. Best beef in the world, thank you very much!”

Speaking to reporters on the White House lawn later Friday, the president said tariffs on EU cars “are never off the table.” 

“If I don’t get what I want, I’ll have no choice but maybe to do that,” he said. 

Hong Kong protests: Demonstrators march amid rising tensions


Protesters have gathered in Hong Kong for the ninth weekend in a row amid mounting tensions with the authorities.

Groups rallied in the Mong Kok district before starting their march, with some donning protective clothing.

Opposition groups plan further demonstrations on Sunday, and a city-wide strike on Monday.

Two months of demonstrations sparked by a controversial extradition bill show no signs of abating, with both sides hardening their stance.

Although the government has now suspended the bill, which would have allowed extraditions to mainland China, demonstrators want the bill fully withdrawn.

Their demands have broadened to include calls for more democracy and for Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam to resign.

Volunteers handed out hard hats to the protesters

Marchers – some flying US and UK flags – first gathered in Mong Kok before setting off into the centre

Hong Kong – a former British colony – is part of China but enjoys unique freedoms not seen on the mainland.

Beijing and the Chinese army have issued stern warnings about the growing unrest.

What’s the latest?

Protesters gathered in Mong Kok, a Hong Kong district where violent clashes took place during pro-democracy protests in 2014.

Police had initially denied permission for the gathering but relented after an appeal.

Demonstrators reportedly walked past a designated end point for their march, chanting slogans and calling on people to join the planned strike on Monday.

Some unions and organisations have reportedly already agreed to take part in the action.

Volunteers handing out masks, hard hats, bottled water and pre-paid subway tickets to marchers. Many businesses along the route closed their doors.

A group of demonstrators blocked access to the Cross Harbour Tunnel, causing traffic chaos. Others set up make-shift barricades on shopping streets.

Saturday’s march comes after a group of civil servants – ordered to be politically neutral – joined demonstrations in their thousands on Friday.

The rally followed the publication of an anonymous letter on Facebook complaining about “extreme oppression” and listing five key demands – the complete withdrawal of the extradition bill; waiving charges against those arrested; an end to descriptions of protests as “rioting”; an independent inquiry into the unrest; and resuming political reforms.

“I think the government should respond to the demands, instead of pushing the police to the frontline as a shield,” 26-year-old government worker Kathy Yip told Reuters news agency.

Supporters of Hong Kong’s police force have also gathered for a rally on Saturday in Victoria Park.

“I really feel upset about the violence that we are seeing in Hong Kong everyday,” bank worker Evan told Reuters. “The protesters are now not listening to the government, they are not listening to the police.”

How have tensions risen this week?

More than 40 activists appeared in court on Wednesday, charged with rioting after protests last Sunday turned violent.

They could face up to 10 years behind bars if convicted.

Tensions rose further when the military – which has not yet intervened in the unrest – posted a video on social media network Weibo showing soldiers conducting anti-riot drills.